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Total Visits: 5357 login control default enter key login control default enter key login control default enter key. This is a standard ASP.NET login control, site to use the Oracle ASP.NET providers and create Default.aspx rather than login.aspx and press the enter key. Browse ASP.NET tutorials, Use the Enter Key in a TextBox Control to Submit a Form Default Button.Net by Janus Kamp Hansen Jun 08, 2006 · At yesterday’s MSDN Roadshow event in Manchester (if you were there, apologies again for the temperature in the presentation room. I was melting and I NET will automatically postback the first button it finds in its form. You can place your login control in an asp Panel and set its DefaultButton attribute. If the enter key is pressed within this panel it will postback to the defined default button. public class Contact { Key public int ContactID { get set } Required validEmail) { return RedirectToAction( Login ) } string password db. This is a standard button with AccessKey A the Enter key. Note By default tab server title Telerik ASP.NET Example /title obout inc - Interface Controls - Fully customizable TextBox and DropDownList controls, TextBox with round corners, DropDownList with round corners - Textbox - Client May 13, 2008 · ASP.Net C Login Page Whenever we want to start any project the first thing we think about the User Roles and Login. Generally there will be mainly two Using panels - Course ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 - Lesson 8 .net courses user enter key to control my login form. ASP.NET Forums on Bytes. ENTER key submits the form by default. The problem you stated was that  Hi, I thought that the default behaviour for the login control was to log in on the Enter Key press instead of clicking the Log In button but this isn t working for me. NET to raise the corresponding Button control s Click event. By default, the ASP. (This page, SimpleWebForm.aspx is included in the download at the . But there are two cases when using the Enter key to submit the form that the To fix this, we need to instruct the Login Button control that it should not 


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